murderTwo masked armed robbers shot and killed a 26-year-old Indian man in a US gas station located in a US-based capital city, Washington. On Thursday, Vikram Jaryal, who worked as a clerk at the AM-PM gas station store in Yakima City, was sitting on the counter, when two masked robbers arrived and robbed the store. According to the police, Vikram handed him the money kept in cash counter, yet a suspect shot him.

The injured Jaryal died in the hospital. Jaryal’s elder brother told that he was from Hoshiarpur district of Punjab and had gone to the US a month ago. He has requested the Foreign Minister to help him recover the bodies by giving information about the incident to Twitter. On Friday, Sushma said, “I express my deepest condolences on the death of your brother. I am calling the Indian Embassy in America for all possible support. The police is investigating the case and the surveillance is looking for two people imprisoned in the camera. It is noteworthy that in recent days many Indians have been murdered in America under the heat crime.


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