Donald Trump thinking or statements are always harsh for Pakistan.

Donald Trump

  1. When will Pakistan apologize to us for providing safe sanctuary to Osama Bin Laden for 6 years?! Some “ally.” 5 Jul 2012
  2. “Pakistan is a very, very vital problem and really vital country for us because they have a thing called nuclear weapons. They have to get a hold of their situation,” Trump told CNN during a town hall in Wisconsin 2016
  3. “Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world. Pakistan needs to be denuclearize”
    “I think you(US army) have to stay in Afghanistan for a while, because of the fact that you are right next to Pakistan, which has nuclear weapons and we have to protect that. Nuclear weapons change the game,” Trump said. Mar 2016

Indianapolis Questions and Answers :

Interviewer: “We’ve given them [Pakistan] money and they’ve double dealt us,” Donald Trump: “Yes, but the problem with Pakistan, where they have nuclear weapons — which is a real problem,”

Here are the two tweets about Pakistan from Donald J. Trump



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