Angered by a chemical attack in Syria, American President Donald Trump decided to teach Syrian President Basar-al-Assad a lesson. Trump ordered an attack on Shayarat Airbase located in the southeast of Syrian Holmes. America chose special Tomahawk missile to attack America destroyed the Syrian airbase with 60 US Tomahawk missiles. Let’s tell you how dangerous this missile attack is, and what are the features of America’s antagonistic weapon.

America's Tomahawk missiles, capable of destroying the target by dodging the radar

Missile Experts show that the Tomahawk missiles are very accurate for such attacks. The range of these cruise missiles ranges from 1,250 kilometers to 2,500 kilometers. These missiles, which travel at a relatively low altitude, are released from the sea. Due to being at a low altitude, they do not trace the radar. Tomahawk missiles are guided through the Advanced Navigation System.

Tomahawk missiles do not go straight to the target, so they can not be killed in the middle. The US first used these missiles in Operation Desert Storm. These missiles can carry more than 450 kilograms of explosives along with them. They are also capable of carrying nuclear weapons. However, the US has kept them separate from nuclear use. The cost of a Tomahawk missile is about Rs.5.5 crore.

The missile length is 18 feet 3 inches (5.56 meters), with a booster length 5 feet. The speed of the missile can be 885.139 kilometers per hour to 1416.22 kilometers per hour.

The airplane flies from two small airbase targets in Syria to make bombs in northern and central Syria. American missiles were fired at 3:45 pm on Friday. They targeted airbase air strips, hangars, control towers and areas with war footing. It is being told that the Shayarat airbase has been completely destroyed.




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