Irshad still does not forget that time. His father was brutally beaten to death in front of his eyes, death was standing in front of him, and he was preparing to burn alive that the police came and somehow his life was saved. In the attack in Rajasthan, near the Alwar, Khan’s life was lost in the aspect of Nuh, his son Irshad and Arif were not only injured but also felt helpless. Even after a week,  he trembles to his heart after remembering the accident.

Alwar Kand: The victims said, preparing to be burned alive

When reporters arrived at Nagesh Jaisinghpur village, it was an atmosphere of mourning and fear. Hussein Khan, the old father of the deceased Pahlu Khan, told that since four generations cows are being dipped in his house. To this day, he has not sold the cow to any butcher. He sent his son to arrange milk for children during Ramzan. Did he know that he will not be able to come back?

Irshad explains that he came out with his father Pahlu Khan, brother Arif, two other youths of the village, Ajmat, and Rafiq, and took two cows from Jaipur to their house. When he reached Berhad in the evening at about six in the evening, seven to eight young men riding the bike stopped him. So much so that they could understand something, they were pulled out by pulling one and the other out of the rocks and hockey. He was constantly sticking to the sticks and hockey. He saw his father die before his eyes. But they were lying on the ground due to injuries and were unable to move. They were repeatedly screaming to the youth who beat them that they were not Cow Smugglers. But his screaming was ineffective ahead of the attack.

An accident victim Ajmat said that the accused youth was killing them saying that they set fire to them. We were all lying on the road in the almost absurd state. We began to feel that we would not escape now. Some youths tried to remove the diesel from our vehicle to burn us. But luck came to the police at the same time. The police have brought us to the hospital. If the police did not come, we would have been killed.

Irshad said that he went to buy buffaloes in reality. But due to being more expensive he bought the cow. So they got around 75 thousand rupees. But the cash was looted from them in the accident.





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