This retired UP postmaster built a Taj Mahal for his Mumtaz

They had no kids and his wife used to say that no one would ever going to talk about them after they are gone and he made her a promise to build a tomb so magnificent around her grave that the memory of their love would be alive for ages to come. He did everything on his own and never took a dime from anyone.

Tomb’s foundation is 10 foot deep and 27 inches wide and is made of solid concrete. Its walls are 15 inches wide and 15 feet high. Inside the tomb there are two graves, the one that is covered is his wife’s and the empty one is his, he wishes to be buried next to her.

Taj Mahal Replica

His wife had a tumour in her uterus and so the doctor had refused them to have any children as doing so would add further complications. She also had throat cancer and wasn’t able to talk on her deathbed.

She wanted to say something but he couldn’t understand her gestures this is the only regret he has not knowing what she wanted to tell him in her final moments.

“ My Lord,
My eternal companion on the road,
You were so dear to my heart,
Why did you leave me ?
Why did you break my heart made of glass ?
Where did you go ?”,

he said.



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