After the Supreme Court’s historic decision about the three divorces (3 Talaq), a new case of divorce has emerged. In this incident in Meerut, a man divorced his wife in the greed of dowry, in front of a full Panchayat. It is to be said that on Tuesday, the Supreme Court has banned a six-month ban on the three divorcing simultaneously.

meerut teen talaq

The victim is the mother of 3 children and she has been suffering from dowry for the last 6 years. After that on Wednesday, she pleaded for police justice.

The case is from the town of Sardhana area of Meerut, where six years ago Arshi Nida married to Siraj Khan. It is alleged that Siraj Khan used to persecute Arshi for dowry only after marriage. Not only that, the family members of Siraj were also demanding a car.

In 6 years, Arshi gave birth to 3 children. After the birth of the third daughter, Siraj Khan demanded a car. After this Arshi Nida’s family also came to explain to her son-in-law, but he separated himself from her in front of the whole neighborhood by saying Talaq three times.

The family members of the victim alleged that they also cited the Supreme Court’s verdict, but stuck to divorce, saying Siraj, the government and the Supreme Court as abusive. Arshi Nida went to the police station and pleaded for police justice. In the case of dowry harassment, the victim woman filed a complaint at the police station.

At present, the police are engaged in the investigation of this matter and the top officials are seen to be avoiding saying anything.


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