Two week ago during the student union elections, a campaign started called “No Poster Party”. Seven students of Miranda House (Delhi University) have started this campaign against the misuse of paper.

They were very disturbed when they saw posters being thrown away and the paper being wasted, said Simran Kapoor a second year student and one of the founders. After seeing all this she joined with Maria Hassan, Kanupriya Awathi, Nancy Sharma, Swastik Kharbanda, Jaya Chauhan and Aditi decided to go against this misuse of paper.
The University does not allow students to sick posters but no strict action has been taken against the till now.

They created a facebook group and gathered the young souls to make a difference, collaborated with NSS National Service Scheme students as per Simran Kapoor. The day after 70 students were ready to pick up papers and clean up the DU Campuses. They called themselves “Rag Pickers”.
They have decided to replace posters with Environment Paintings.

Will the society welcome change?
Or There will be protests against this protest ?
All we know for sure is that No Poster Party made a difference and has inspired people all over the country !

Input from the leading newspapers.


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