The Linearity of Chidambaram Nataraja Temple, Kanchipuram Ekambareshwar temple & Sri Kalahasthi temple.
When marked their longitudes in Google maps & Guess what !
Yes, they lie in the same longitude. i.e, Exactly 79deg 42 min East

A 1000 years old architectural wonder of a group of Indian Temples

So what’s special about these 3 temples ? These are 3 out of the 5 temples that are clubbed together and called as Pancha boota Stalam ( Denoting 5 forms of Shiva – Fire, Water, Earth, Air & Space )

Sri Kalahastheeswara – Vayu Lingam – Air
Ekambareshwarar – Prithivi Lingam – Earth
Thillai Nataraja – Aagaya Lingam – Space
One more interesting observation,

Are there any other temples that lie in a same longitude ? Yes, I found two of them.

Virudhagireeshwar Temple, Vriddhachalam
Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameswaram
Both are termed as the Punniya stalam ( Where they dip themselves in a waterbody to wash away their sins )

A 1000 years old architectural wonder of a group of Indian Temples

How did the architects designed the straightness of these temple gopuras that are more than 1000 years old and 500–600 Kms away ?

What technology did they have to mark the longitudes ?

Did they have a mapping system ?

Why didn’t the temples deviate from the alignment, during any natural events like the tectonic plate shifting or the Tsunami ?

What is the significance behind all this ?

Nobody knows..


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