A Punjabi is a Punjabi, no matter where he or she lives.

1. You might be doing great dancing and bhangra. 

Dancing and Bhangra Punjabi

2. Whosoever see veg food on Punjabi’s plate goes crazy and start saying “where is nonveg !! I have heard Punjabi’s eat lots of non-veg”


3. You Punjabis are too loud – Indeed we are 😛

4. You might be having fields and dairy farms.

dairy farm in Punjab

5. You must be drinking and partying all the time. 

6. Punjabi have a lot of attitudes.

No, we don’t we believe in give respect and take respect to everybody irrespective of caste , religion , creed , sex etc

7. You guys have great weddings !!

Yes, we do have and which takes a week or two.

8. Where is your turban ?

9. Punjabi’s are all show off’s

No, we aren’t

And, there’s a long list. 


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