Actually the human body changes a lot as time goes on, it so much that several years back here, our body has had several developments. Evidence of that is our material that shows the 8 parts of the human body that were completely neglected by evolution. And certainly our body will still do very simple things, but over the years will end up changing something in our body.

Thinking about it How were several years before, and what could be the possible next steps of human evolution, things such as the height, and everything that can be modified over the years. So, dear readers facts Not Known now grant our matter with the 8 next steps of human evolution:



Multiculturalism is the essence of modern society. It should not be surprising, then, that humans evolve to a single ethnic group, the mixture of cultures continue. As interbreeding become more common, humans will slowly lose the distinctive features of their ethnicity, and take on features of different parts of the world. There is a clear advantage in doing “race” will no longer be a problem.

Self Evolution

Bionic arms

Humans can, eventually reach a point at which force them to progress in themselves through the use of technology. Either through bionic organs, eg by medium genetic screening, where prospective parents choose the features of their child before birth. The genetic selection particularly, can quickly lead to a boom of “designer babies” in which all the defects and unwanted trait may be removed.

No Hairs

shaving body hair women

It is quite likely that human beings will become more and more bald from time to time. specially in Women are often seen as more attractive when they are with less hairs in the various parts of the body, so as shaving offers an advantage when it comes to sexual attraction. So, we believe that over time, women will eventually evolve to a point where they will not have so many hairs in the body. The same can be said for men too  but the change is likely to be slower.

Brain Changes

Human brain become technology friendlyt

As technology becomes more advanced, our brain will adapt in order to maximize their efficiency, perhaps at the expense of our memory.

Smaller Tooth

small tooth

The most obvious change in our jaws shall be the disappearance of wisdom teeth that is now no longer useful to modern humans. Many people already have low occurrence rates of this type of tooth. In addition, we also expect that our teeth will become smaller. Throughout the evolution of man, there has been a general tendency for small teeth. Evidence shows that in the last 100,000 years, our teeth become small in size. Our jaws have shrunk. The trend should continue, especially because our food is becoming more easily digestible.

Less Fingers

less fingures

Before humans can walk with two legs, our foot fingers were used to fight, like our hands. But as the evolution took place and they are meant for longer standing, our feet are slowly being reduced as compared to the current size. It seems that now evolution is about to remove small finger of foot, the famous little finger. Compared with larger fingers that serve to balance and help to walk, small does not serve for anything, and we can well survive without them.

Smaller or Larger Skulls


Two schools of thought exist on the issue of our skull volume. A, which has the support of many scientists said that our skull has reached its limits of its size.  Anyone who has given birth knows that the head of a child is already very large.

For this reason, many biologists believe that a larger head make birth impossible – something that the evolutionary process gradually eliminate quickly, no doubt. The large head at birth is also more likely to injure or kill the mother. Thus, it seems inevitable that the size of our head is the same, or even lower.

On the other hand, this disregards the point that cesareans are common and present possibilities for survival of children with big heads. In fact, some think that cesarean will eventually be safer than natural childbirth in the future, which ends up in the chance that the children with small heads, of course delivered, survive less. But such reliance would be dangerous for humans. If human “big heads” lost the ability to perform cesarean sections, we could expect a rapid extinction.


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