You call her beautiful yet you call her overweight. If it were really health issues then a medical practitioners’ advice would have sufficed. It is not a health issue and it is more your issue.

 Ways to tell wife (without hurting her) that she is overweight & fat

  1. Show her old photographs and then take her for dinner. Ask her to wear one of the old dress you like the most.
  2. Tell her that you love her soo much and are really concerned for her and this is the reason you want her to stay healthy.
  3. Mention slimmer actresses as your recent favorite.
  4. Try to see your wedding photographers together and appreciate her slim beauty.
  5. Mention slimmer actresses as your recent favorite.
  6. Order food with less fat when you are out at dinner. Order this for yourself. So when she orders something fatty, she compares the two and thinks that she is over eating.
  7. Try to get fit with rigorous exercise and tell her how good it feels to be fit like that.


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