6 Reasons Why Kattappa would not kill Bahubali !
6 Reasons Why Kattappa would not kill Bahubali !

Everybody believes what they see. We saw Kattappa killing Bahubali, thus we believed he did so. But what if Kattappa did not Kill Bahubali. Here are 6 reasons why Kattappa would not kill Bahubali:
1. Because Bahubali told Kattappa that, Melody itni chocolaty kyu hai !
2. Bahubali never sent Kattapa a Candycrush request.
3. Because Bahubali ka Fogg chal raha tha.
4. Bahubali decided to be Alia Bhatt’s GK teacher.
5. Bahubali ke toothpaste mei namak tha.
6. Bahubali was reading this post !

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