1. Mai Vekh Laangan : Punjabi people are the most helpful people. If you have a problem, your Punjabi friend has got the solution. So, believe your Punjabi friend and stop worrying.

2. Sannu Ki : Making them very chilled out is their phrase, Sannu Ki which leades the to not giving shitt about anything which bothers them.

3. Dal Makhani Te Butter Chicken : The two dishes which are something that no one can escape in a Punjabi gathering, the way to a punjabi’s heart is through his stomach.

4. Yaaran Da Bullt : A punjabi loves his Bullet more than he will love his girlfriend, and its not just boys riding them !


5. The Punjabi Weddings : Punjabi weddings are something with alot of Bling, Music, Alcohol, Food and they dance like there is no tomorrow.


6. Jappian, te pappian : they are the most loving and caring souls to roam around the world.


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