First of all I wanna tell you there are not any shortcut to get rich. You have to do hard work.

1Richard James, SLINKY – Profit: $250 million

Today, this toy is one of the most popular in the history, but when it first appeared on the market, you could say it was a really weird idea.

Richard James, the inventor of this toy was a marine engineer. At that time he was testing horsepower on battle ships. As World War II raged on in 1943, Richard worked at his desk in Philadelphia’s Cramp Shipyard. It was a day like any other one, but it changed his life.

2Mark Zuckerberg’s FACEBOOK (it made Zuckerberg over $53 billion)

Facebook appeared in an overcrowded market, with MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and dozens of other social media services. At that time, Facebook’s growing path was actually a surprise, at least for Mark Zuckerberg. His quote about new users got very popular.

3The queen of trash, Zhang Yin

Zhang Yin, nicknamed “the queen of trash”, is one of the richest woman in the world. She’s a self-made billionaire from China with a net worth of over $4 Billion. Wonder how she makes her fortune? By recycling.

Her company makes money by taking waste paper from the United States and Europe, shipping it to China and recycling it into cardboard, which is then used for boxes that are packed with toys, electronics and furniture that are stamped “Made in China” and then shipped back to western consumers. After those boxes are thrown away, the cycle starts all over again.

4The Microwaveable Pillow

In 2002, a female entrepreneur named Kim Lavine designed a microwaveable pillow called the Wuvit, which completely changed the financial situation of her family. Before she decided to give her idea a go, her husband had just lost his job and there was absolutely no income in their household. But that changed pretty fast, as she managed to earn nearly a quarter million dollars in the first 8 weeks she started selling the microwaveable pillow. Even though Kim made her fortune on a relatively simple and unusual idea, she’s still considered to be one of the great female entrepreneurs of our time. She is even a published author now, and has written 2 business books.

5Alex Tew – Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage is an internet phenomenon that’s still talked about regularly, even though it was launched nearly 10 years ago. The whole idea behind this project was thought up by a student from England named Alex Tew. He made a website that consisted 1 million pixels, and sold the space in 10×10 blocks to various companies who wanted to buy ads on it. He would charge a dollar per pixel, which made him a millionaire by January 2006.

6Dani Johnson

Making money from selling weight-loss programs isn’t anything new. But Dani Johnson started when she was a homeless waitress living out of her car. She gathered whatever little coins she had to sell the weight-loss programs in her state and even used a liquor store as a mailing address because she had no residence. And now she’s a millionaire.


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