dr mushoor gulati

We can’t deny the fact that the show is a big hit because of the phenomenal crew members Kapil Sharma has in his program. It’s not only of his contribution. It’s a teamwork.

It’s indeed right that he is a pioneer of TKSS but this show become a big hit because of the tireless efforts of all the comedians of the show. Each team member has taken a special place in viewer’s heart.

if I talk about Dr. Mashoor Gulati aka Suneel Grower. He has been doing an irreplaceable job in the show. We all have already been witness of the first similar incidence, where absence of Guthi aka Suneel Grower leave a big void in the show, which can also be seen in the huge decline of TRP of the KNWK.

People definitely look for these marvelous characters played by exceptional comedian Sunil Grower.

5 Things that would happen if Sunil Grover quit Kapil Sharma Show

  1. The show will be as good as over!!
  2. Half of the Trp’s of TKSS is due to Sunil Grover. He has forgotten his arrogance that Sunil Grover is the backbone of the show.
  3. If Sunil Grover quits the ‘TKSS’, there’s no doubt it’d lose the number one spot, that the show is currently enjoying!
  4. Sunil in his show is like a Tadka in the dal. Without him, the show would become just another boring stereotyped comedy show running on several Indian tv channels.
  5. That would be the worst breakup ever, Far worse than any husband dying in Saas-Bahu daily soaps.


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