Vibrant and religious are the two words best illustrate the beauty of Varanasi. This Indian city is popular for its Ghats that line River Ganges. Regarded as being one of the holiest places around the world, it is visited by millions of Indians and travelers each year.

Here is a list of some of the best Offbeat Things to do in Varanasi:

Morning Boat Ride in Ganges River

morning boat ride varanasi

The most suitable time to enjoy boat ride on the Ganges River is from 5:30 AM to 8 AM. This is when the colour and clamor of the place will enthrall you.

Morning experience of the boat ride will leave a marked imprint on your soul, specifically for the reason that you will get to see the faith that people have in River Ganges.

Sightseeing Tour of Sarnath

Sightseeing Tour of Sarnath

Only a few kilometers away from Varanasi is the sleepy village of Singhpur. Although Varanasi is a Hindu spiritual center, Singhpur’s Sarnath is a Buddhist center of religion. Visit this village, which is acknowledged for its Buddhist ancient monuments, is one of the most effective things to do in Varanasi and nearby areas. Sarnath is also known to a deer park, which is the place where Gautama Buddha first came and taught about the concept of Dharma.

Walk Along the Ghats

Varansi Ghats

Looking at the Ghats is among the finest things to do in Varanasi. The city has nearly a hundred Ghats, the steps of each leading the banks of River Ganges. These are bathing Ghats, praying Ghats and cremation sites for Hindus from all over the world. It means they are alluring and enthralling for a traveler as it is related with some tale or mythologies.

Visit Historical Ramnagar Fort

Historical Ramnagar Fort

A well-known fortification, Ramnagar Fort is situated in Varanasi. It is among the list of best places to see on a tedious afternoon. The fortification on the eastern bank of River Ganges is famous for its cream colored Chunar Sandstone, which gives it a powerful, sophisticated appearance.


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