In order to ensure a prosperous future without financial problems, consider this list of everything you should know and learn about personal finance.

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  1. Money is a tool to get what you want, is not the ultimate goal.
  2. Your mind is the most important asset.
  3. There is little correlation between pay and happiness, but only to a point.
  4.  A financial goal that has no deadline and plans to perform, is only a financial desire.
  5. You are the only person who really takes care of your money.
  6. There is no single valid prescription to manage money.
  7. You can have what you want in life, as long as they Metallic and prioritized.
  8. If you want happiness, the most try to spend their money on experiences rather than things.
  9. The purpose of an investment is to get as profitability . after taxes and expenses
  10. the best investment: investment in yourself.
  11. You have a limited ability to save money, and an unlimited capacity to spend it .
  12. You control what you can with what you think is possible.
  13. 99% of the financial news will not affect their investments.
  14. Investing can be as easy as putting your money into a pension fund well managed.
  15. for a young investor is better to concentrate on how much money is accumulating rather than the marginal increase in performance of their investments.
    money without time, it is useless.
  16. You do not have to make money the same way you lose.
  17. Learn, investigate and understand the magic of compound interest.
  18. The quickest way to lower your wealth is to borrow money to buy a depreciating asset.
  19. You can borrow to pay for college for their children, but not for retirement.
  20. The unexpected it will happen, an emergency fund is very important.
  21. It  is necessary to ensure the assets are exposed to any risk, remember that you are part of their wealth.
  22. A financial habit can only be changed in a moment of calm.
  23. Do not underestimate the amount of money you need to live your desired life.
  24. A wage increase should be reflected in an increase in savings.
  25. The money produces more money.
  26. The aim of money: I manage to achieve their life goals.
  27. Investing is simple, but not easy.
  28. The purpose of a budget is not to see where the money went, but to determine where it should go.
  29. The information does not necessarily lead to action.
  30. You must always maintain the willpower to meet their financial goals.
  31. Life is not about money.


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