For those who are already in their thirties and want to avoid skin aging at all costs, 30 is a decisive decade with respect to the care of the face, so if you are already in that stage it is time to make you serious and establish a routine.

30 Rules About Skin Care You Should Know About at 30

1. Always wash your face in the morning.

2. Choose a mild cleanser, which is not strong as it will end up irritating your face.

3. If you are in a hurry, it is okay to wash it with water only.

4. Make sure to apply sunscreen in the morning.

5. Also, apply sunscreen before makeup.

6. Follow this order: cleanser, serum, sunscreen and moisturizer (face moisturizer).

7. Choose oil-free products if you are prone to having acne.

8. Moisturize your face every time your skin needs it.

9. Beware of exfoliators, they can cause cracks in the skin.

10. Always remove your make-up at night.

11. Make-up petals are your best friend.

12. The avocado masks are very good.

13. Coconut oil is very good moisturizer too.

14. Remember that tanning is not good for your skin. A tan means your DNA is being destroyed.

15. If you have pigmentation use prescribed remedies for a certain time.

16. Natural products such as licorice extract and mushrooms are very good for solving pigmentation problems.

17. To combat acne, the products on the counter are very good, but remember to use moisturizer to compensate for the dryness of the skin.

18. For blackheads, use a treatment with a reduced percentage of “alpha-hydroxy”.

19. If you have series problems with acne, go to a professional.

20. Find your anti-aging cream, it’s time to use it.

21. At night use serum.

22. Then apply moisturizer.

23. Learn to love products with collagen. It keeps your skin thick and youthful.

24. You do not need botox until you actually see wrinkles on your skin when your face is relaxed (and even recommends not using it).

25. Do not overdo the procedures. You do not want to have your face frozen in your 30’s.

26. Facial products can be very effective at treating anti-aging if they include the light fraxel laser, a procedure that works under the skin reducing wrinkles and promoting collagen.

27. Pay attention to what you eat. Meals with vitamins do very well to your skin.

28. Stay hydrated, water is needed for your skin.

29. Do not feel stressed, all ages are beautiful.

30. Stop touching your face all day!


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