Hofstra University in Hempstead is the venue for the first presidential debate on September 26 at 9 pm EST. We are on the cusp of a political revolution.
Tomorrow we bear witness to an age of the demagogue. An age where political agenda is not subject to virtue and prosperity but rather to frivolous critique and bigotry.

The idealist behind the doctrine stating “all men are created equal” i.e. the declaration of independence, “father of liberalism” John Locke is probably tossing and turning in his grave over the thought regarding the United State of America’s grim political future. His influence regarding the second amendment may become a frightful reality as American citizens take arms to re-take what is rightfully theirs. Are we on the brink of another civil war? Is the crises in Syria not enough for the world?

Regardless the Venue is set and our candidates are ready. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Or commonly known as Treacherous Trump and Crooked Hilary. Those nicknames are not a result of any arbitrary cries. Oh no no, these nicknames have been earned through bedazzling political propaganda and controversy. Is it not saddening how we have lost sight of the importance of true character, chivalry is dead. Leaders, nay! Human beings do not voluntarily stoop to the innovative lows these two individuals have. If you don’t believe me watch this Hilary Clinton commercial. This is a new low for our world leaders as she completely targets her rival in a commercial televised nationally. She resorts to diabolical mockery which is childish to say the least.

On the other hand, we have master orator Donald Trump. Slithering like a snake through the fizzling cracks of a flawed system we call democracy. A man who makes most of his speeches an appeal to fear “argumentum ad metum”. A man whose zeal is a repugnant hypocritical aura of xenophobia. Here is another video depicting the conniving nature of a snake with straw hair.

All in all, I hope we have a debate that is not as revolting as the personalities I have revealed in this article. We can only hope and pray for a world absent of such mistakes to society. A eutopia of any sort is surely non-existent if either of them were ever to become world leader.

Article by – Fez


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