some secrets that a boy would rarely share with a girl

Secrets? Is there anything with boys which is not a secret when it comes to a girl knowing them. Okay, we hide a lot of things from you and believe me it is so necessary to.

So the following are the things that Man would rarely share with a girl but surely want them to know:

  1. The text- have you reached home? That’s not a formality. We actually do care whether you have reached your home or not. Be it sister, mother, Gf, friend, colleague, acquaintance.
  2. We are bad at controlling our eyes. We might be staring at you but thinking about the unfinished PPT at the office.
  3. We never tell our masturbation stories or our feats and world records.
  4. We take the bro-code very seriously- we never tell our guy friends’ secrets to other girls, even at gunpoint!
  5. We have an ability to separate lust and love.
  6. It is possible to have more then one crush at a time.
  7. We don’t know anything about your emotions. Most of the time we are making wild guesses and when we fear getting busted. We say, “I love you”. That works most of the time.
  8. While walking, we always take the right side where the vehicle passes and leave you to our left. Just to make sure you are safe.
  9. We might tell our girlfriends I love you a thousand times in a day, but it’s our moms who come first when it comes to unconditional love. Always.
  10. We like everything, our interests are vast and love to learn new things and that it’d be nice if you would join in sometime.
  11. We cry too. We just make sure no one notices us when we do that. No wonder most guys love the rains, and the freedom it brings.
  12. When you bend down and reveal some skin, we do stare! Until the right moment when you look at us, we look the other way so that you think we’re decent.
  13. We almost look each and every girl who comes on our way but doesn’t want you girls to know about it.
  14. While riding bike(alone) we will hit 100kmph just like that but in case of mother/sister/girlfriend sitting back, we hardly cross 60kmph. Their safety will be our first priority.
  15. We just don’t live for boobs and butts. What matters is how you complete us in our quest to become better human beings.
  16. Sometimes we behave like babies too. We like to be fed, cleaned and cared. If it doesn’t happen then we become cranky.
  17. We hate it when you stay upset and quiet and still expect us to understand you. It is even more frustrating when all you say in return of our questions is “It’s nothing”.

We guys may have our little secrets hidden from you, but we all love you, you wonderful ladies of the world. You fill our worlds with so much color and beauty, irrespective of the kind of battles you are all fighting, within and without. We would be so utterly lost without you!

Ye art all beautiful roses, whose charming fragrance makes our living worthwhile.

Plus, Men can be a lot of things, but if you catch us at the right moment, we’re adorable! 😀

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