14-year-old Tanjim Merani vows to unfurl the tricolor at Lal Chowk on Rakshabandhan,

Tanjim Merani, who lives in Ahmedabad, is only 14 years old but her intentions are high. She wants to hoist the tricolor at the Lal Chowk in Srinagar on the day of Rakshabandan and after that she will celebrate the Raksha Bandhan with the security forces.

While looking at the situation of Kashmir, when the common people are scared of going there, on the other hand, Tanzim wants to go and unfurl her patriotism by hoisting the tricolor.

Tanjim had gone to Raigad at Lal Chowk last year but she was stopped at the airport. After this she returned to the airport by fraying the tricolor.

Her family is also giving full support to this cause. Her father said, “They believe that there is no good time to go to Srinagar, but how long will somebody wait for the right day.” He said that “Everyone needs to take steps in this direction of peace and brotherhood as the way his daughter did.”


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