13-year-old rape victim gave birth to child, death in 48 hoursIn Mumbai, 13-year-old rape victim’s child died in 48 hours of birth. According to sources, the condition of the newborn started getting worse from 4 a.m. on Sunday morning and died at 10.30 am on Monday morning.

The victim gave birth to the baby on Friday. However, the Supreme Court allowed the victim to abort.

Significantly, according to the law related to abortion in India, permission to drop more than 20 weeks of pregnancy is given only when the mother’s life is threatened. But considering the medical report of 32-week pregnant girl and ‘torture of sexual abuse’, the court allowed abortion.

But doctors found that the embryo was fully developed. According to doctors, the only way to save the girl is delivery. After which it was decided to carry the delivery by the operation.

At birth, the weight of the newborn was 1.8 kg. In this case, a co-worker of the girl’s father has been arrested for rape.


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