mumbai 1960s

The history of Mumbai deals with the growth of a collection of seven islands on the west coast of India to become the commercial capital of the nation and one of the most populous cities in the world.

Here we’re sharing few things about Mumbai/Bombay of the 1960s that old-timers miss most?

  1. The cries of “Haaapus” [alphonso mangoes] in summer from hawkers who carried boxes on their heads and went from street to street.
  2. The cries of “Kulfiya” [home made ice cream cones] from the nocturnal ice cream sellers, also in summer.
  3. The unruffled pace of traffic on arterial roads and tree-lined quiet inner lanes.
  4. silent Marine Drive where the crossing was safe as there were few cars
  5. The absence of rickshaws.
  6. The attractive double-decker buses.
  7. The red Trams.
  8. The clean and uncluttered hawker-less pavements and short buildings.
  9. the friendly neighborhood where everyone knew everyone else.
  10. The single screen movie theaters where popular movies ran for weeks together.
  11. the simple, well-organized fruit, poultry and vegetable marketplaces with neat stalls.

That and so much more was our Bombay, endearing Bombay, the sparkling city by the beautiful bay!


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