10 traits in introverts that are negatively understood

Some of the few traits that give us a hard time every now and then :

  1. We are often judged as arrogant and boring .
  2. We find it incredibly hard to express our feelings which lead us to lose a lot wherever there is a rat race (Eg:Group discussions , picking up a girl/guy )
  3. We hate confrontation . Mostly we do our best to avoid it and when we are pushed , no one can beat us in being so nasty in it .
  4. Needless to say , we feel so guilty and horrible after mistreating others .
  5. Most introverts such as me , have a habit of maintaining a “mess” in our living space .Only we like it and constant bickering to clear it can be viewed as offensive and a violation of our private space .
  6. We tend to take critical feedback personally .
  7. We can be so hard on ourselves if we have never given our best shot at doing what we love .
  8. We have a soft spoken attitude and that leads many to consider us as “push overs”
  9. It might be fun for others but if it violates our values , we find it highly offensive .
  10. We take time for a relationship and we take a relationship SERIOUSLY !!


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