10 Things women should not do after getting married

I recently heard that a girl committed suicide immediately after 3 months of marriage, just because she used to compare her husband with her friend’s husband and their life became miserable that led her to take this decision! This incident triggered me to write few things which women should not do after getting married. Though, these are not gender specific. It applies to every married person.

So here are the few points which women shouldn’t do after getting married:

  1. Do not compare your husband with another man. Even your father. He is who he is. Comparison creates more problems in life.
  2. Do not wake up late on a regular basis.
  3. Do not spend like there’s no tomorrow. You have a family to run and it’s not entirely your husband’s responsibility to save.
  4. Do not think he is nothing without you.
  5. Do not expect gifts/surprises beyond his ability.
  6. Do not love him more than yourself.
  7. Do not think he’s the end of your world.
  8. Do not think without him you’re nothing.
  9. Do not disrespect his personal space. Also, do not let him mess up with your privacy.
  10. Don’t take him and his services for granted just because he is legally your husband 🙂
  11. She should not quit her job – she should be financially independent and she should have career goals
  12. She should not avoid his (husband) parents – take care of them in tough times
  13. She should not lose touch with her best friends – she should stay in touch with her friends even after marriage
  14. She should not lose her identity – she shouldn’t sacrifice her identity for anything
  15. She should not doubt him or be over possessive on him – trust is the most important thing in any relationship
  16. She should not take away his freedom – Don’t expect him to be with you 24×7, give him his own space
  17. She should not change her dreams – Never let go of your dreams

A husband is really nothing without a wife! No wife, no husband for sure!! Well, the male will manage, survive without a wife but only as a man!! and not as a husband.


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