There are several things which Americans really need to learn from India. This article on Another Indian showcase 10 things Indians does better than Americans:


India has always been considered as being a great place to tap into one’s incorporeal lifestyle. Because of the popularity of the book and film Eat, Pray, Love, investing time in an ashram has, for a lot of, become associated with self-fulfillment and spiritual awakening.


Particular details differ from region to region, but entire Indian weddings are intricate affairs that last a couple of days. While American weddings are usually fancy, celebrations often occur for a period of 5 hours. Often less.

3Alternative medicine

Among the list of well-known wellness methods in India is the old practice of Ayurveda. Instead of solely approaching the science of how the body works, it features the ideas of connectedness with the world and one’s life force.

4Decorative religious buildings

Sure, the US has some amazing churches, but practically nothing that actually dazzles fairly like the temples of India.

5Street food

In spite of the popularity of food trucks, for the most part, hot dogs and soft pretzels continue to take control of the American street eats landscape. India doesn’t have such problems as suppliers there cook up simply about almost everything from delicious to special.


No doubt, Hollywood has produced some truly fantastic dance series. But presented India’s history, the nation is home to actually thousands of dance styles. There are classical dances which are full of symbolism and customs. Then there are actually fast-paced folk dances. And lastly, you just can’t ignore Bollywood dances which are generally the amalgamation of many styles.

7Life hacks

The ability to make with what you’ve got is effectively portrayed in India. Excessive DIY efforts are regionally called ‘Jugaad’ and can consist of tossing together a tractor with things that’s just lying down around.



8Increasing available transportation

Do you find it disturbing when there’s no room on the train? Well, in areas of India rail travelers take full benefits of all feasible places to sit or stand. Same goes for other transport methods.



When the place has been around as long as India has, there are many experiences to be told. Among the most favorite are Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The second is said to have taken hundreds of years to write. Both are popularized and dramatized by several TV series.


The primary purpose of American yoga is general fitness. In India, it’s a lot more complex practice, including a centuries-old treatise and goals that include mental discipline and communing with a higher power.



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